Carl… you had it right… that darn Urkle was always on your nutsack causing trouble.  Sometimes, you just need to find a way to curb the anger….

I have recently learned that 3 certain individuals stir an uncontrollable anger inside me…and for what specific reasons, I’m not quite sure.

Subject A) Suri Cruise.  An iPad… really?

B) that goddamn Progressive girl.  I noticed she was in Mad Men and immediatly hoped that the e-surance chick would come out from the copy room and kill her character off.  maybe in season 4?

C) its not a good year for auto-insurance spokesmen.  Why can’t we just leave it at Dennis Haysbert with Allstate?  Nope, one black man isn’t enough apparently… and to add to the hot mess of insurance people, there is the State Farm guy.  I see him and I want to throw something. Not sure why.. could be that early 90’s Chandler haircut. Not sure tho.  Alls I knows is that i hate him.